Links for December 8, 2006

Ron has a very informative post on the Sarnia – Fort McMurray relationship with oil. He works for Suncor and they fly him there every once in a while to do some work.
Pernell links to this video of a group of elder people singing Coldplay’s Fix You. The guy is on oxygen, sitting in a chair and looks lifeless but there is something about the song coming from their lips that is beautiful.
How the church grew so rapidly (25 thousand to over 20 million) in under two centuries, a question worth asking (ht SI)
Remains of St. Paul may have been found
Radical Torah is one of my favourite blogs. They have such great insight on the Hebrew Bible that I only wish I grew up learning how to read the text like they do. Here is their latest post on Jacob wrestling with God.
New Mac ads (ht Joe)
Dan Kimball responds to a John McArthur on the emerging church.

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  1. Hey, that AllUC site has turned out to be pretty sweet but also incredibly tempting…not good when I’m trying to study for exams!
    Love ya bro, hope things are going well. Let me know if you’re in TO over the holidays – I’m just in Burlington so it’s a short trip away!

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