Holiday Update

I’ve been really bad at posting on here in the last month or so because I’ve been switching all 30 or so of our websites over to our new server, I’ve gone to Florida for a week and been all over South-western Ontario and its all been quite draining. I’m planning on toning it down over the next little while to collect my thoughts, get some work and blogging done and get the life in order. Hopefully I’ll be back to posting daily come the new year, that is my goal.

Here is a few posts that have been brewing in my mind that I’ll plan on posting for the Holidays.
– Why I Hate Christmas
Geez and Why The Newest Edition Rocks
– Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger
– Another Photo Shoot, Season Inspired

Rachel‘s uncle has been diagnosed with cancer just recently and everything isn’t looking good and they’ve given him only a certain amount of time to live. We’ll be in London tomorrow spending time with him, so keep him and the entire Pede family in your prayers, it’s a very draining situation.

Hopefully I can post some pics from Florida in the next day or so, some turned out really good. The conference is coming together nicely, we are hoping to have tickets for sale by mid January along with all the workshop leaders in place. You won’t want to miss this conference.

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  1. Coming from a family that doesn’t celebrate Christmas (well, we go skiing) I’m fairly unimpressed by the whole thing. This is the most stressful time of the year, by far. I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

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