Why I Hate Christmas (and its not because it derived from a pagan holiday)

Partly its because I’m a rebel and I hate anything that everyone likes or finds meaningful. I like to go against the grain and be difficult and annoying. However, I think there is a lot of reasons to hate Christmas. The first reason is the obvious reason; its the gifts. I hate how Christmas has become consumed by the gifts and the idea of gifts. You feel pressure to buy for certain people. Sometimes its because they bought something for you or they gave you a baked pie last year and your worried that they will do it again this year and you will still have not got them anything. It forces you to give gifts at a certain time which makes it very difficult to be motivated out of love and then all of sudden you are buying gifts out of the motive of buying gifts. I am not a gift person. I don’t usually by people gifts and I don’t really enjoy receiving them all that often. Christmas is a time that is hard for people like me. Gift shopping is tedious and difficult and is derived from any meaning its supposed to have because it just isn’t the way that we show love or appreciation, let alone receive it.

Another reason I hate Christmas is because of the decorations. I’ll never understand them. Crazy looking dolls mixed with green reefs and knick knacks that are sprawled all across your house with some of the worst music possible playing in the background is not my idea of Christmas spirit. Very few houses actually put time and effort into their decoration (props to those that do) but again it just seems like another thing we do “because its Christmas.” Christmas trees are messy, so we get fake ones and most Christmas decorations are simply ugly, but out of the spirit of the season, we put them up for everyone to see.

Another reason I hate Christmas is tied to number one; it’s the spirit of consumerism that is so closely tied. This year, 38 billion dollars will be spent on kids from the age of 4-12. Typically in the fourth quarter of the year, the US alone predicts about 287 billion dollars spent on retail (the Christmas quarter). That is almost double what it would be to cure world poverty annually. The consumerism of Christmas is actually harming others and keeping other in poverty.

With all this said, I still love the feeling that I get at Christmas. I love being with my family and spending time together. I now get to go to Rachel’s family Christmas, and her other family Christmas and spend quality time with those that I wouldn’t normally on a daily basis. I love food. There is something about sitting around a large table with family and friends and sharing food and stories that is special and can’t be replaced. I think Christmas is important because it does teach us to be gracious. Yes it is misguided over and over again, but good is being accomplished at the same time in that we learn to give of ourselves.

Hopefully this holiday we haven’t given to those who don’t need while leaving those that need still needing. Hopefully this Christmas the weird decorations, bright lights, nativity stories and church services actually serve to remind us of Jesus and his story and how we are part of it. Hopefully all the happiness and excitement that comes with Christmas serves for us to be grateful for what we have and not forget that more than half the world will be eating nothing on Dec 25. Hopefully we truly wish and live to follow Jesus, the one we celebrate this holiday, and don’t allow the holiday to do the very opposite.

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  1. Wow, you waited until a day before Christmas day to bash it. Good. Obviously you hate the holidays; Anything that can give you a quarterly average to get your “poor person around the world” speech going. I think that your more obsessed than the consumer analysis’s when it comes to consumerist statistics.

    Another holiday and another stat for you to throw in that we waist our money when people are starving to death.
    Merry X-Mas.

  2. ive hated christmas for the last few years..i thought it was because i was over worked around the holiday and didnt have time to enjoy it. but this year im off and ive had time to enjoy it…doing on the things that you apparently hate nathan…decorating, getting a real christmas tree, christmas songs…ahhhh how much any other year i hated christmas music..i always said it should be played on christmas eve and no other time..but this year ive been really trying to get into the spirit..but i find again this year with all the time to enjoy it…im still not happy with the holidays. and i think its because ive become consumed with presents…anyone who knows me knows that i LOVE LOVE presents!!! the more the better. ive always said…(i do enjoy giving them as well) im not that selfish…but anyway…i feel like im going to be disapointed with my presents…isnt that sad…shouldnt i be just thankful that im able to get presents..but no im not..and i want want want…things i dont need need need…anyway i really need to work on this maybe i should get some christmas counselling…hehehehe

  3. Nathan.

    I don’t think you should take your anger out on Christmas. It’s not Christmas’ fault that we have such convoluted ideas and have twisted traditions until they are void of meaning.
    Anyway, Ill get right to it

    First, the lights, the decorations, the bows, the songs. Ill agree with you that many of us today dont understand the roots of these traditions. Im sure these things (at one point) symbolized something very meaningful to people around the world. I believe that these things were done with a purpose, perhaps to prepare hearts for the Christmas season. And I now believe that we have taken a lot of these traditions and continued them year after year because thats just what you do on Christmas

    Personally for me, I love Christmas lights because my family used to drive around looking at all the different houses in the neighborhoods. We would try to decide which house was deserving of the title Gingerbread House (the most beautifully decorated home) So, to me the lights are just not because you put them up on Christmas, I love them because Im reminded of the times I spent with my family. Now I continue to search for Gingerbread houses myself as a result.

    I guess thats all to say that who says you have to put up the same decorations as everyone else, or light candles or sing songs. Why dont you figure out the things that mean the most to you and commit to making those your Christmas traditions? Focus on the things you said you enjoythrow in some food and Im such youll be happy. 
    Set an example by attempting to do things differently.

    Personally, I love Christmas. I love that during this season people begin to think of others. I realize that it is commercialized to death, but at least people are actually thinking of people outside their own selfish wants/desires. I believe that there is some Christmas spirit still out there. Ill agree that gift giving has the potential to get out of control, and that it often does, especially in this crazy culture we find ourselves in. The stats you quoted are crazy. (Where did you get those numbers by the way? I was trying to find more information) Personally gifts are not essential to Christmas, but I would be lying if I did not say I enjoyed themmy personal favourite: the stocking. I love stockings because you get everything you need for the next while (socks, deodorant, lip gloss, toothpaste etc) I could receive my stocking and be as happy as someone who gets a Wii Nintendo thing.
    I think what Im hearing and maybe Im wrong is that gifts are just given as gifts, with no meaning involvedjust a present because that is what youre supposed to do.
    Would your thoughts change if people spent less money and more effort? Would your perspective be different if every Christmas gift was home made?

    Today is Boxing day. What does everyone think of when we mention boxing day now? If its not another day off work, its the SALES! Almost as good as Thanksgiving Friday in the US. People waiting in line overnight to get into the mall to get good deals.

    In churches, it was traditional to open the church’s donation box on Christmas Day, and the money in the donation box was to be distributed to the poorer or lower class citizens on the next day. In this case, the “box” in “Boxing Day” comes from that lockbox in which the donations were left. (Im sure there are a lot of explanation for the origin of Boxing day, but that one seems to fit my train of thought the best and so I will be biased and use it)
    One family I know of saves their spare change all year long and then brings it to their family Christmas to compile it all and donate to the charity of their choice. It adds up to be quite a lot and I think it is a brilliant idea. Its also a year round desire to think of blessing others rather than keeping for ourselves. Its these little changes that really begin to make a difference as we attempt to approach Christmas differently.

    Youre right Nathan, Christmas consumerism is spiraling out of control, but it is possible to be a person committed to following Jesus despite it. Ironic that you had to address that in your post, to remind people to follow Jesus on the day we celebrate his birth I laughed and then felt sad.

    As for me, I will still celebrate Christmas every year and get excited and sing Christmas carols and find meaning in the traditions I choose to celebrate. I will not call you a Scrooge, or Grinch because I believe your heart is in the right placebut change your title, I dont believe you hate Christmas.


  4. “Partly its because I’m a rebel and I hate anything that everyone likes or finds meaningful. I like to go against the grain and be difficult and annoying.”

    These character traits aren’t something that I would be proud of and I would really be hurt if other people identified them in me.

  5. Grow up! Christmas and making all the corporations richer while they treat us like crap and poison us. What a stupid idea and that’s where it came from the STUPID. We are always fighting the stupid/morons throughout time and again. $480 billion dollars spent on the crap. And the music and decorations just to the extreme. For 2 months, that’s all we see and hear! Families teach all the crap people should be learning to STOP. Fifth dimension where are you? Get back to my meditating so I can truly know life and me and not THEM. PUKE! More stuff, more fighting, more lies and BS and kissing more butt like the brown nose you have now isn’t crappy enough on your face! They should call it ass kisser’s holiday of the year!

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