Links for January 09, 2007

Phil links to two great sites.
Some weird videos called Clearification, but well done.
You now can give micro-loans to help out people start up businesses in struggling countries.
‘s new video is now out. This is my favourite one yet. It is also available for download on thinkerlabs. Check it out below.
The dumbness of crowds. (ht)
Iraq to give Western companies oil rights

7 thoughts on “Links for January 09, 2007”

  1. We used IMovie on Mac.
    But it is horible, we really didn’t need many affects on it besides giving it all the Sepia look. We sat outside starting from sunrise to get that shot of the church steeple, but imovie doesn’t have any functions to speed up or slow down speed to our liking so we had to take captures of the shot and fade them in and out, way too much work for what we were hoping for. Adobe Premiere is a great program for PC and Final Cut for Mac is the best from my understanding.

  2. Thanks for the tips. Heard good things about Adobe for PC. I have a “thing” against Mac’s…but that is a whole other story. Thanks for the post.

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