Websites You Need to Know

It is extremely important to know your way around the web. You need to know where to go when you need something instead of spending your time surfing, cause surfing is a time consumer when you need results. I wrote a post a little while back about some helpful sites in my computer saturated life. You can read it for info about Gmail, Firefox, Delicious and Flickr. Also, the list on the side of my blog labeled resources will usually come in handy. I only put links there that I personally use. For instance are you still using Getty Images with that stupid watermark and blowing it up so it distorts for your images? Why not use SXC, its free, they are full quality and its actually legal. Or you can use IstockPhoto a pay $1-3 for great high quality images. I use both almost every week. Everyone knows about Bible Gateway, but what about Blue Letter Bible, complete with commentaries, lexicons and everything you need to study the bible a lot deeper than just straight text. Or Vista Print for your printing needs, cheap printing of your even postcards or your business cards. Google doesn’t stop impressing me, with Google Notebook, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Blogger, Gmail…I use them all. And all the while Delicious keeps it all organized as a beautiful bookmarking system.

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