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The second half of this first session was Rob Bell simply answering some questions. Here is a glimpse of some of the questions asked followed by some of their answers. I’ll just keep this in point form some of the lines that stuck out to me.
What if the pastor is working for the other side?
What is a bible drill?
We all get a free TNIV and Shane Claiborne’s book and a book called the Myth of a Christian Nation. Yippee
How do we know your not another Tedd Haggard and how do we stay away from the falls that we seem so much?
Most pastors work in a production paradigm and not a discipleship one.
The greater the crowds are in Jesus’ ministry the more he withdrew to be alone.
The devil doesn’t take a vacation so why do we think we shouldn’t…especially since the problem is the devil loses in the end. Even God took a day of rest.
The only way we find ourselves and what we do sustainable is to embrace our limits.
Sabbath is a gift and an opportunity not an obligation
I miss out on lots and lots of ministry opportunities because he’s said yes to something else which is everyday life, living with his family and finding the spiritual in the mundane.
Being on and being needed and being in front of people becomes normal
Then real life isn’t as exciting and we are always looking to the next thing
If we don’t find god in the everyday then the stage becomes hollow and empty

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  1. thanks for doing this. i am in school @ fuller for the next two weeks & couldn’t make it to the conference. so you are giving me of a glimpse of a conference i would give the world to be at so thanks.

    william guice

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