Isn’t She Beautiful Notes and Links

Here is some links for some note taking, thoughts and reviews on the conference. I’ll keep these links updated as I stumble across posts.

Final Thoughts
Salvation | Eternal Life | In or Out
Theology of Creativity
Q&A with Rob Bell
The Eucharist
Sketches from Isn’t She Beautiful
After Lunch
Sunday Night Gathering
First Session – The Eucharist
Thoughts on the whole conference
Notes Pt1 | Pt2 | Pt3
Some Thoughts on the First Day
The art of creativity
6 Post by Creatio.net
I am still Being Saved
Joe’s post complete with a video.
Session 1 – Rob Bell (awesome notes)
Rob Bell Q&A (awesome notes)
Matt Krick – Narrative Theology (awesome notes)
Session 2 – Rob Bell (awesome notes)
Session 3 – Rob Bell (awesome notes)
Becomming the Church Workshop (awesome notes)
Tweaking the Norm
Redeeming the Hurting
Some Pictures
Experiencing Changing Life

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Part 3

Part 4
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