Links for February 04, 2007

Global warming is a big issue right now. Some people I respect are worried about it and others think it is a joke. Here is an official report coming out about it from some of the world’s top scientist, they don’t seem to positive about it. And here is a CNN report on it (ht)
Great post by David Fitch on Pluralism in Community.
Mike Jones, Ted Haggard’s accuser showed up at his church and got a reaction…click here to find out what
Not glorifying or romanticizing everything big: why simple is good
theStory‘s new video is online. This is the first time we used something rather than IMovie to edit it. We used Adobe Premiere and the difference of control you have is remarkable. Also, it was nice to sit in front of my PC with two buttons on my mouse and a good operating system for a change to edit this video. Joe posted a bunch about the thinking that went behind this video here. Watch it below.

2 thoughts on “Links for February 04, 2007”

  1. Nathan,
    “A good operating system” – I can only assume that you have a Beta release of Premiere running on a Mac. :-}

    I must agree that iMovie doesn’t compare to Premiere – it frustrates the stuffing out of me. Final Cut Express would serve you well, editing on a Mac. Premiere and Final Cut have the same roots, interestingly enough.

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