New Blog you All Should Read

A good friend of mine from Sarnia, especially over the past few months, has now began blogging: Dave Hoyt-Walterhouse. Amazing drummer, food conscientious, kind, gentle, understanding, humble Wal-Mart hater, vegetarian, soon to be photographer and challenging Settlers of Catan player are just a few of the qualities he has. I will admit that I am looking forward to reading this blog more than most. I think it will probably take a few months for him to get the hang of things, to get out all those posts that I’m sure he said “when I have a blog I have a great idea for a post, like we all said. Then when he runs out of ideas and his personality and heart starts to pour through his writing, just wait. I can’t.

And in honour of Dave being put on my blog roll, Darryl is officially off the list because he hasn’t posted in 11 months now.

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