The Evolving Church: Restoring Justice

For those of you that don’t already know, or haven’t received any e-mails, or haven’t seen the posters or read any blogs. Epiphaneia is putting on The Evolving Church again this year on March 24th. We are especially excited this year because we think this lineup is dynamite. We got Shane Claiborne, Jim Wallis and Ron Sider all as our plenary speakers. When we told Rob Bell about the conference, he actually said that we had “like the Trinity of social justice.” So you can’t get much more encouraging than that. We got Sandra Ryan, David Fitch, Dan Oudshoorn, Dion Oxford, Rick Tobias (and a number of others) for workshop sessions. What better group could we have gotten to talk seriously about social and restorative justice.

Us at Epiphaneia had to make some hard decisions about a venue this year because last year we just sold out way to quick and actually had to turn people away. So this year we will be at the Meeting House in Oakville (Toronto area) at their new facility. I must admit, I am more than excited to see how this facility will play its role in the conference, its quite beautiful and I think it will work perfect.

We have had a better response this year than last from out-of-towners. People from all over Canada and the States have expressed interest in coming. Hopefully we have enough tickets for everyone this year.

We have a few surprises for people this year. I’m excited to unveil them, because it was hard work to get them. Hopefully people appreciate them as much as we do.

Looking forward to running another conference this year and I hope you can all attend it. If you need any more information, or tickets just go to our website at www.epconference.net or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

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  1. To be honest, I thought that The Meeting House was a bit of an unfortunate choice. Choosing to host a conference on social justice at a church that just dropped 12 million dollars on a building in Oakville (while only allocating about 1.5 million dollars towards justice related issues) seems a bit… strange.

  2. That was actually quite a big discussion for us when we were choosing a venue. Should we go downtown or in the suburbs and what are we saying with each decision, in the end though we decided that there was no better group of people that we wanted to reach with this message than exactly those that would drop 12 million on a building and those that live in more wealthy areas of town. Keep up the great blog by the way, I enjoy it every minute.

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