Links for Febuary 16, 2007

Because I refuse to label myself by what I hate, I can be nice to Mac users too. And since most of you need the help working a computer, here is a helpful post of some programs you may want to get your hands on. And its only part 1.
David Fitch with another great post; giving some reasons why the lone senior pastor might not work anymore.
One of my old profs, Craig Carter, at Tyndale writes a sort of open letter to Tony Campolo.
Joe ponders

a friend of mine is in her last year of a nursing degree. she does all her research for papers online, rarely does she use a book. why? in her words, the world of medicine is progressing at a far greater rate than it ever has so the way we understand the human body is in constant flux. new information, new modus operandi, same body. so my questions to myself: “should theology be any different?” and “why is the suggestion of new thinking and approach often received as a threat?” and finally “is there really room for an evolution of thought/theology within the church?”

I have been thinking about this a lot lately actually, trying to understand the balance of an evolving theology. So maybe some posts in the future on that.
Now this is my kind of valentine gift. Phil’s wife, Steph, rocks.
Princeton Theological Seminary scores a D-
Maybe flowers, chocolate or anything else you bought weren’t such a great Valentines Day Gift. A socially conscious guide to the 14th. (ht)
My favourite Rabbi online writes an awesome post on the stranger and how it is central to the Torah.

But it is only when we look truly and honestly into the face of the one who is different from us that we understand the truth of our common humanity.

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  1. great links again. Fair Trade chocolate is a important issue.

    I’m so glad to see there are others that agree we need to reconsider the lone paster, my friend and I talk a lot about the “cult of personality” that many churches shape around.

    Also, interesting response to Tony, thanks for that link.

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