Links for February 22, 2007

I love Al’s blog and the way he writes.
A great post on children and how not to discipline them, coming from a guy who never had children.
Drew Marshall (i never heard of him either) was on 100 Huntley Street (Part 1 | Part 2) just a little while ago. Needless to say, it was a pretty crazy interview, I understand him completely, and still struggle with how to confront people, because I find sarcasm to be the easiest way. You could see how he was frustrated and really held himself back, but at the same time watched the interviewers sit in shock hoping the rapture would happen. Anyway, its a good watch. (ht)
Chris writes a post on his feelings towards Wal Mart. Maybe bringing a little balance to Dave’s post I linked to earlier.
I really have no experience with this, but I can only imagine it being useful. Online video editing. For all you that are showing youtube videos at church, well what about if you could add your own music and intro and all that cool stuff. And tons more. Anyway, here is a list of a few of those types of sites with what they do and if I ever end up using it I’ll be sure to mention it.
Here is an interesting site called WOOT. It’s an online store that sells one item a day, until it sells out or the day ends. It’s supposed to be great deals and always interesting and crazy stuff (though today is just a laptop, but it still is a great deal if your looking to spend that much cash).


  • Where the heck are you?

  • Wow, I think that was the only 100 Huntley St. segment that I could watch in its entirety.

  • Hmmm that woot site is kinda cool. I like the idea. Nate we should start a site like that! We can call it….. BOOT(no…too underfoot)….HOOT(hmmm that may be copyrighted)….LOOT!!! there we go!!