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Tonight Ron, Dave and I drove to London to see a one man show called Bigger than Jesus. I had heard about this almost two years ago when I was in Montreal and was told that it was a must see. Lucky enough I stumbled across an ad for it in the Sarnia Observer and put it on my to-do list. So tonight we went.

He started by giving a disclaimer and telling us that he was not a Christian. He said he did not believe that Jesus was the only way to God and a few other things to set the record straight. He told us that he was basically walking us through a catholic mass. Then he started.

This was absolutely phenomenal. It is only playing in London for two more nights (sat and sun) so you need to go if you can. The video effects, live video editing, sound, lighting, acting, script, comedy…everything was just amazing. He started by giving a brief lesson of the history of Christianity and walked through all its faults and beauties. He was Jesus in most scenes, he redid the crucifixion scene, the Eucharist, he was the flight attendant Jesus on Air Jesus taking people to Jerusalem. He was answer-my-prayer Jesus answering to everyone’s beck and call. He had scenes where he sat in awe at the way people used him for whatever they wanted. He was a preacher in one scene telling everyone to seize the day and live for the now. Everything was done with such precision that I walked away feeling in awe. Hopefully I can go again one more time, probably Sunday.

The most powerful scene I thought was the ending. He sat there, in his robe and exclaimed the greatest commandment. To love God and love our neighbours. Then he said to turn the other cheek. Then he sat there awkwardly, and with beautiful use of irony took the ‘extra time’ he had before he had to go to talk about all the things that were going through his head when Pilate asked him what Truth was. As he goes through the history books, you can’t help be amazed at how much Jesus has become a pawn to humanity’s greed and pride.

It’s hard to encapsulate this play with words. You need to go see it. Whatever your niche is, acting, video work, lighting, great dialogue, religion, anti-religion…this show is for you. Go and be challenged. Laugh. Cry. Smile. Be Offended. Be Reminded.

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  1. I agree totally with your enthusiastic review. It was a great theatre experience. I just returned from a performance in Vancouver.

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