Cha Cha

Now this is cool. Picture Google, but someone doing the hard work for you. This site, Cha Cha is a search engine but you can get live help on your searches. I tried one on graphic design portfolios and they found some great matches for me. The best part is they talk to you, ask you questions and it grows from there. They started asking me if I’m in graphic design and a few other things. Keeps you occupied while they are searching for the results that best meat your match. Also, you don’t have to worry about the computer not understanding what your asking for, its a human on the other side. I asked them where they make their money and its from the advertising.

I can only imagine this being helpful especially for school. It’s basically two people searching for one thing but one of them is a professional internet searcher. What a fun idea. Check this out if you can, cause I can’t imagine it being around forever but it might be helpful at times.

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