A Few Updates

* Rachel and I got our apartment today. We spent the entire day with our moms and a few friends painting and moving all of our crap in. A big thanks to my mom, Rachel’s mom, Rachel and her sister Danielle for spending the day painting. Another big thanks to Aaron, Shaun, Darryl, Joe and Dave for giving me parts of their day to help move things in and set up stuff.

* Rachel had a wedding shower tonight. Lots of people brought lots of stuff. I can’t complain. We basically have everything we could need, now to paying off the student loans. I’m humbled by how gracious people were, we couldn’t have had better friends.

* I’ll give a tour of the new house and the neighbourhood soon when I can get some pictures and meet some neighbours. I’m excited to be there and live, it’ll be good to finally settle down in an area.

* We had our v-ball semi finals tonight. It was best 3 out of 5 and we won our first two quite well. We basically killed them. Only to lose three in a row after and lose out. What a downer that was. I guess there is always beach.

* One month and two days and I’ll be married

1 thought on “A Few Updates”

  1. I cant believe you lost that friggin game!!!!!

    Maybe this is a great opportunity for me to post your sleeping bags for sale.

    Attention: Nathan owns like 6 sleeping bags and wont remove them from my house – so anyone need 1 or even 6 sleeping bags? I know my garbage wouldn’t mind them.

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