Links for May 1, 2007

Rachel and I are getting married in five days and a lot of time has gone to getting the house ready, getting wedding stuff done and trying to work at the same time. It will all slow down soon enough, so the posts will be more frequent then. In the meantime, here is a few more things to read that are better than anything I can write anyway.
Dan Oudshoorn is awesome. His posts are hitting to the very core of who I am and the thoughts that I’ve been having lately. If you get a chance, read his latest series of posts called Christianity and Capitalism. THey are amazing and I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Al is slowly (and I mean slowly) becoming one of my favourite people. We took a class this past weekend on Wesley in Oshawa and it was a good time of friends and the teacher was great. Here is Al’s thoughts on the weekend, complete with quotes from the teacher and his friends throughout. I love when Al talks, his minimal puncuation, use of words I can’t understand and intelligent humour (or laugh if he’s with you in person) warms my heart.
Robert Webber died. This sucks. He wrote one of my favourite books; The Younger Evangelicals and I saw him speak a few years ago at Tyndale.
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  1. best wishes for you guys and your imminent wedding and marriage to follow… wish we could be there (FYI, i would’ve brought cheesecake to the potluck… i guess it’s your loss i’m not coming.) :)

    hope all goes well!

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