Wedding Singers

Darryl and Kevin, two of my closest friends, wrote Rachel and I songs for our wedding. They were both super well done and fit in perfect. Kevin sang his song while we were signing the papers and after when we walked down the isle and Darryl sang his song at the beginning of the wedding and for our first dance. I wanted to put both songs on here because I just was so happy and impressed with both of them. Thanks Guys.

Kevin Barr – Saw, Kissed, Met, Held | MP3

When I was young, I fell in love with the water, moon, sun and sky
And when I closed my eyes, I’d see me, flying away
All my friends and their lovers, didn’t make sense to me
Guess I just needed someone to come and sweep me right off, right off , right off my feet

And then I saw you, oh and then I met you
And then I held you, and then I kissed you

Ain’t it funny how we, funny how I, funny how, funny how we all think we know
Funny how we think we’re complete
Yes it’s funny how we, funny how I, funny how, funny how we all think we know
Funny how we all fall in love

A feeling so amazing, yeah yeah
I’m feeling so amazing (2X)

I never thought that I’d be the one falling down down to my knees
But here I am, I can’t get up, can’t go on without you by my side

Darryl Silvestri – Tear and Repair | MP3

i used to think that love was like a shot in the dark
make a good impression and then hope for some kinda spark
and maybe if you’re lucky and the stars all align
then a perfect life begins when you sign on that fated dotted line

you’ll never really laugh if you never really cry
and you’ll never learn to love if you never learn to die
and maybe its frustration and maybe its pain
but love finds the colour and wonder when life gets mundane

so maybe love’s a labour and maybe its a chore
and maybe somedays you won’t know what you did this for
cuz muscles don’t get stronger if they don’t learn to tear
but the point of love ain’t to tear, its to tear and repair

so i will labour
and i will love you like this

and i will give my life
yes i will give my life for this

2 thoughts on “Wedding Singers”

  1. Damn these are good.

    Kevin has come a long way (although I will admit, I would listen to his stuff over and over when in High school.) I was a closet fan in between listening to rap.

    Hey Kevin, send me some music!!!

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