The Flat Kingdom Part 2

The Following is an excerpt from “Tales from the Secret Annex” written by Anne Frank. The quote inspired this post that I wrote a few days ago.

“I wonder if any of the people sitting in warm, comfortable homes have any idea what it must be like to be a beggar. Have any of those “good, dear people” ever asked themselves about the lives of poor people or children around them? All right, everyone gives a beggar a few coppers now and then. But it is usually pushed hurriedly into his hands, and the door is closed with a bang. And what is more, the generous donor usually shudders at having to touch such a dirty hand. Is it true, or isn’t it? And then people are surprised that beggars become so rude. Wouldn’t anyone, who was treated more like a beast than a human being?

It is bad, very bad indeed, that in a country which claims to have good social laws and a high standard of culture people should treat each other in this way. Most of the well-to-do people regard a beggar as someone to be despised, dirty and uncared for, rude and uncivilized. But have any of them ever asked themselves how these poor wretches have become like this? Just compare your own children with these poor children. Whatever is the difference, really? Your children are clean and tidy, the others dirty and uncared for. Is that all? Yes, that’s really the only difference. But if a poor beggar’s child were to receive good clothes and learn nice manners, then there wouldn’t be any difference at all.

We are all born alike; they were helpless and innocent too. Everyone breathes the same air, a great many people believe in the same God! And yet, the difference can be so immeasurably great, because so many people have never realized where the difference really lies. Because if they had realized it, they would have discovered that there really wasn’t any difference at all. Everyone is born the same, everyone has to die, and nothing remains of their worldly glory. Riches, power and fame last only for a few years! Why do people cling so desperately to these transitory things? Why can’t people who have more than they need for themselves give that surplus to their fellow citizens? Why should some people have such a hard time during their few years on this earth? But above all, let the gifts be given kindly and not just flung in their faces; everyone has the right to a friendly word! Why should one be nicer to a rich woman than to a poor one? Has anyone sorted out the difference in character between the two? The true greatness of a person does not lie in riches or power, but in character and goodness. Everyone is human, everyone has his faults and shortcomings, but everyone is born with a great deal that is good in him. And if one were to begin by encouraging the good, instead of smothering it, by giving poor people the feeling that they are human beings too, one would not even need money or possessions to do this.

Everything begins with the little things. For instance, don’t only stand up in a tram for the rich mothers; no, remember the poor ones too. Say you are sorry if you step on a poor person’s toes as you would for someone rich. People will always follow a good example; be the one to set the good example. Then it won’t be long before others follow. More and more people will become friendly and generous, until finally poor people will not be looked down upon any more.

Oh, if only we were that far already, that our country and then Europe and finally the whole world would realize that people were really kindly disposed toward one another, that they are all equal and everything else is just transitory!

How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world! How lovely that everyone, great and small, can make their contribution toward introducing justice straight away! Just as with so many things, most people seek justice in quite another quarter; they grumble because they receive so little of it themselves. Open your eyes. First make sure that you are always fair yourself! Give of yourself, give as much as you can! And you can always, always give something, even if it is only kindness! If everyone were to do this and would not be as mean with a kindly word, then there would be much more justice and love in the world. Give and you shall receive, much more than you would have ever thought possible. Give, give again and again, don’t lose courage, keep it up and go on giving! No one has ever become poor from giving! If you do this, then in a few generations no one will need to pity the beggar children any more, because they will not exist!

There is plenty of room for everyone in the world, enough money, riches and beauty for all to share! God has made enough for everyone! Let us all begin then by sharing it fairly.”

“When I respect the image of God in others, I protect the image of God in me”
-Rob Bell-

2 thoughts on “The Flat Kingdom Part 2”

  1. When reading this I thought it was going say at the end “ok, so now you need to send this to your cloest friends, you have 20 minutes.”

    If you send it to

    1-10: Your crush will call you
    10-20: You will have good luck for 10 days.
    20-40: Someone will give you a present
    0: You will probably die today

  2. Hey Bro,

    God has truly blessed the idea of little things make the difference. Jesus had a way with the little things. Thanks for your post, the other day as I was waiting for the go bus I was struck by this mother and her child. They were poor, her child had a dirty face, I let her get on the bus first and I was friendly, thinking that was the only little thing I could do, I wish now I did a little bit more (like pay her fare or something).


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