Day 4 in Ireland

Today we are in Ireland and it’s Aaron’s birthday.
We met Rachel’s sister and husband (Aaron) in Ireland at the last leg of their trip.
So to celebrate we went to a pub here in Ireland.
We also saw a World Street Perfomer Festival (pics to come).
I drank my first ever full beer, and it was a Guiness and disgusting. But I did it for Joe.
We had many drunk Irish folk sing Aaron a song and then we left.
Ireland is probably the most laid back, casual, fun and exciting country I’ve ever been to. Canada needs to be more like Ireland.
Here are some pics.







  • for me?! awww….you’re so sweet…

    missed you both today!

  • hey nathan! glad to hear you’re having a great time in my homeland (ireland!). i was just there actually and have just returned to canada on june 9th. which part of ireland are you in? dublin? peace.


  • well congrats on the full beer. its a big accomplishment. it ranks up there with having darryl actually read your blog.

    another great accomplishment is learning that Ireland isn’t so much a city as it is a country.

    honestly tho, what am i to expect?

  • and yes, i did realize that i referred to myself in the third person. shut the hell up.

  • hahahahahah…darryl…i’m laughing out loud.

  • Canada needs to be more like Ireland….. You see, I have been trying to show you all along how important alcohol consumption is.

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