Travelling Day 19 & 20

The last two days have been pure travel. Santorini’s beach will be missed, here is a picture below. We left Santorini at 10pm on Sunday night and its now 2pm on Tuesday, we don’t arrive in Rome until 9pm tonight meaning we have been travelling for the last 48 hours. Ferry from Santorini to Athens, Metro to train station, Train from Athens to Corinth to Patras, ferry from Patras to Bari Italy (where we are now) and then train from Bari to Rome. We slept on the ferry deck twice. I tell you its been one heck of a romantic honeymoon :) It also means I don’t have a whole lot of pictures.

The views on the ferry have been spetacular though. We weave our way in and out of random islands to our destination. The island are usually massive clifs lined with homes. The sunsets are beautiful (I tried to capture it on camera, it was difficult) on the boat also and our last boat had a pool on deck, so that was nice. So its sort of a boring post. But I figure were half way through our trip so I may as well post now for everyday.

Sunset on Ferry to Greece

Santorini Beach

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