Nice and Monaco Day 26 & 27

Yesterday we spent the day in Nice, sitting on the beach (getting a wicked sunburn). We also got bored later at night so we went to see Ocean’s 13 in the small little theatre close to the beach. Great and comfortable seats, bad sound but only sat 50 people so it was more like your home. Today we went to Monaco, home of the rich. I thought I was cool because my Dad has a big boat; “fastest boat in Sarnia” he’d tell you. Then I saw these boats and some of these people have their own personal cruise ships. I’d post some pictures but it seems as if my 4gb memory card got some sort of virus on it from one of these Internet cafes, good thing I backed up all the pictures yesterday. They use boats like my Dad’s as a lifeboat :) We couldn’t get into the main casino cause my attire wasn’t approproate. Tie, coat and pants only. So we went to a less famous one and played a little blackjack. We doubled up, then bought lunch and then left. Always good to leave one up on them. Tonight we are off to Barcelona.

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  1. You seriously got a virus on your card? Wow… that makes me laugh… TOO BAD your laptop didn’t make the trip.

    Hopefully Rachel is feeling better and I am a little disappointed your parents hot tub isn’t up and running yet.

    Although, Aaron and I are going out Saturday morning to take pictures. I am hoping to learn alot.

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