Barcelona Day 28 and 29

You can tell I’m getting frustrated with the foreign keyboards because the letters are all in different places, my posts are a lot shorter. I’m missing my laptop more than ever know. Rachel and I spent two days in Barcelona and tried to keep it chill as possible to avoid any more sickness. We saw the Sagrada Familia, Les Rambles and at to put to rest all curiousity for Rachel we saw the new Harry Potter movie. That was about it. I am getting tired of taking pictures of buildings with construction going on all over it. I know its necessary but basically every main site has cranes, bright orange and workers surrounding it. It was impossible to find good food in Barcelona, it is nothing like the rest of the cities/countries we’ve been to where we have found restaurants, mini-marts or grocery stores on every street. For this reason alone, I had no problem leaving Barcelona. We did find one good restaurant though thqt was all-you-can-eat, so that helped even it out. Then we were off to Pamplona for the Running With the Bulls.


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