Paris Day 30 & 31

This will be my last post about the trip. We start our trek back to London, England today, sleep at the airport, and then fly out tomorrow morning. It’s been a good ride so far but we are both exhausted and missing everyone back home. Especially now since Darryl is engaged!! Paris has been good. We did all the touristy things like see the Eiffel tower, go the the Louvre Museum, see the Notre Dame, other churches and famous buildings. We got really lucky throughout the trip. We saw the Eiffel Tower except it was their version of Independance Day here so there was a half hour long fireworks showed synced with music behind the Eiffel Tower along with probably 120,000 people or so. We got to Notre Dame except there was mass going on so we got to experience mass in French at one of the most famous churches and beautiful churches in the world. Things like this happened our entire trip. Like getting into the Collessium for free because it was some gladiators birthday. Just happen to be going past Pamplona during the one week festival of running with the bulls. Being in Ireland during the one day festival of World Class street performers (post to come later about that). Being in Munich during their big festival called TollWood. I felt like it never stopped working out all trip long. Couldn’t have asked or planned a better turnout when its all over. Rachel and I get home tomorrow night and then head off for one or two weeks (yet to be decided) to some cottages up north with her family and then this blog will be back to its regular scheduled programming.

Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower at Night

Notre Dam Mass

Notre Dam Mass

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