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We’ve been talking a lot about humour lately and how old people have such a different humour than we do, and wondering if in 30 years when we get older if our kids will think our humour isn’t funny at all. Anyway, Rachel found this article about humour comparing older and younger, it was interesting, but probably more timely for me than interesting which would make us all wonder why I am linking to is.
If you didn’t catch my post before, check out this site for tons of great videos of new and inspiring ideas for anything from technology to economics to science, I was super impressed by these.
Great site to help you match your colours, I find this helpful when I’m designing websites or anything else.
Tons of cool business cards which could be great inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Links for August 07, 2007”

  1. I don’t like the humour study.
    They need to have tested these old people 40 years ago, or wait and re-test the college kids and see if there is any difference with age.

    I suspect that the humour difference is cultural and as culture changed, the humour changed. Today’s culture is immersed in much more humour than the culture 65-90 year olds grew up in was.

  2. never even looked at it that way, but i guess that does make sense, especially with the media and information age there is a lot more humour going around than i’m sure my grandparents enjoyed, which is why they probably enjoy slapstick humour a lot more, the humour they were exposed to.

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