Photo Shoot #7 – Vidal Street and St Joseph’s Church

This week we brought back Shutterbuggs. This time there was five of us that went out with cameras and snapped pictures for a few hours. We went to St Peters church who is soon going to be removing their bell tower and then looked for inspiration along Vidal St. And I just thought that it was pretty ironic there was a fence around the church with a big no trespassing sign on it. If your interested in coming out with us, shoot me an e-mail. Here is all the pics I took, and here are a few of my favourites edited up a bit.
No Trespassing Outside of Church

Pee Break

Railways Under Chemical Valley

3 thoughts on “Photo Shoot #7 – Vidal Street and St Joseph’s Church”

  1. I love the no trespassing pic. Can i ask how you got such a large contrast between them, was it photoshop or did you have some kind of filter? Either way they’re all brilliant. Good work. (i dont know if youll ever have time but i’d like to talk to you about the same struggles with what i believe regarding to hell, everything i know is based on what i’ve heard and that is not exactly solid rock to base your beliefs on, anyways maybe we’ll have a chance sometime.) cya man.

  2. Beautiful, yet incongruous. Church/No TRESPASSING; Invitation to sit in a chair/in front of a blue door, leading to nowhere; overpass night scene (beautiful too) and finally, stairway to Heaven??? These are wonderful Nathan. Good work!

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