7 thoughts on “Links for August 22, 2007”

  1. Luke 14:31
    Jesus uses that illustration and elevates war and makes it a noble illustration.

    Luke 22:36
    He who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one and he told them to get a sword because they may have to protect themselves. He endorsed the fact of protection in “just war”

    Those are two comments he made on those two verses. That is enough to make me know that he doesn’t really care to read the Bible but read his own theology into it. He drops ideas like just war and protection as if its terminology as common in the Bible as loving your neighbor. It’s ludicris that someone in his position with media time like that would say things like going to war is justified because we are protecting ourselves. Was Jesus endorsing war through those comments? Seems to me he told us to put our sword away, turn the other cheek and to always forgive.

  2. It doesn’t seem to me that McArthur is doing anything of the sort when you brush him off: “he doesn’t really care to read the Bible.” The two texts he’s quoted here have been used by just war advocates in the church since the Patristic Age. Moreover if you’re unwilling to call yourself a Christian because someone made some comments is a little bloated. Perhaps I should feel the same way and not want to call myself a Christian because your lack of patience and charity is embarrassing. Just a thought.

  3. Hahaha – Tom is dropping bombs on Nathan!

    I think the problem with that conversation is McArthyr is using “just war” out of context. If anything, the Iraqs could use that verse as their line to fight against American insurgents in their country.

    How can we justify invading Iraq, oh sorry, liberating them, on the whim of a line Jesus put out there.

    I wish people would stop dropping the Jesus bomb every time they need to justify bone-head actions.

  4. Hey Tom, good point :)

    I guess I didn’t really see him arguing for just war theory but just war in general and assuming to his audience that everyone had already done the research and agreed that there was such thing as just war.

    My comment on calling myself a Christian was stricly focused on the fact that he said that the christian view is what he was saying…and well I don’t beleive what he is saying and I think its ludicris that someone is saying that the Christian view of waris something when it is obviosuly so controversial.

    I don’t like calling myself a Christian, because he is what is representing Christianaity to a massive audience, and I don’t think I am in that camp even the slightest but and nor do I want to be seen as that.

    But your point is taken, I don’t mean to be impatient or even lack charity. My comment that he doesn’t really care to read the bible is uncalled for and said in the moment, because when it comes to read the bible he probably cares more than I do. Thanks for calling me on it.

  5. Nate,

    99% of the time your charity and patience is obvious and has been an excellent example to hot-heads like me. Blessings.


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