Amateur Wedding Photographer

I’ve had the opportunity to be the photographer at a few weddings in the past month. This isn’t something I’ve done before at all. So it’s all a bit new to me. The pressure of getting the right shot and capturing the day is a lot at times. However, the two weddings I did were friends of mine and knew that I liked to take photos for fun so a lot of the pressure was off. So with that in mind, I got to snap away and try to capture some moments.

The first wedding was Priscilla and Colin’s (click here to see all the pictures). There wedding was super casual and they did it all backwards. Bride and Groom speech first, then reception and then the ceremony to end it all off. I only had about fifteen minutes with the bridge and groom to take pictures, so that’s why there is a lot less.

Then this past weekend I got to shoot Nathan and Tiffany’s wedding (click here to see all the photos). These two are both very close to me and there wedding was beautiful. It was an awesome to see them get married and hopefully I did the wedding justice with the pictures. Darryl also came along with me and we gave him a camera so he got to add some shots to the collection.

I posted some of my favourites below.

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