Short Films from On The Lot

I only got to see one episode of On the Lot, but I loved what I saw. It was a reality tv series like American Idol style but it was film producers and they had to put together short films. So I started watching all the short films that were produced on the show and I just found myself in awe at some of the skill and talent these guys had. Especially since they were given small time frames and sometimes ridiculous scenarios. Some would be one minute comic short films, or horror short films or “a guy wakes up in a wedding dress and doesn’t know where he is” shorts films. I had to search each film individually to find these, and even then I couldn’t find them all. But here is a list of some of the films that I found that you can watch online. If you ever find a film that I don’t have listed or don’t have linked to leave a comment and point me to it so I can update this post. I got all the descriptions and titles from the Wikipedia Entry , so I’m basically just adding links to the films. Broken Pipe Dreams, Die Hardly Working, Dough: a Musical and Army Guys are some of my favourites that I could find online. Check out them if you get a chance, for the most part they are all really well done and entertaining.

Out Of Time 1 – Trever James, Marty Martin, and Jeff Seibenick

Vinny’s Vault – Jessica Brillhart, Kenny Luby, and Hannah Sink

Time Out – Sam Friedlander, Zach Lipovsky, and Adam Stein

Sponsored By – Will Bigham, Kai Soremekun, and Daniel Tenkman

Call Waiting – Opie Cooper, Justin Lutsky, and David May

Organized Crime – Mateen Kemet, Gil Kruger, and Shira-Lee Shalit

Wilted – Jarrett Conaway, Tamela D’Amico, and Jason Epperson

Reverse- Shawna Baca, Phil Hawkins, and Hillary Skarl

Random Acts Of Kindness – Hilary Graham, Brent McCorkel, and Carolina Zorilla de San Martin

Ding – X Dean Lim, Tamika Miller, and Randy Slavin

Smile – Phil Allocco, Shalini Kantayya, and Jeff Speed

Out Of Time 2 – James Breese, Andrew Hunt, and Claudia La Bianca

Lucky Penny
– Will Bigham – is a story about a man finding a penny, and receiving a heap of bad luck from it.[13]

Getta Rhoom – Jason Epperson – follows a nerdy man who gets into trouble when he repeats the phrase “get a room.”[14] (This film was criticized by the judges for depicting the nerdy man as a possibly mentally handicapped person.)

Danger Zone – Zach Lipovsky – consists of a single 360-degree shot around a science lab, showing how one mistake leads to another.[15]

To Screw in a Lightbulb – Jessica Brillhart – makes literal the internal struggle of a man deciding what to do when a lightbulb goes out.[16]

Replication Theory – Sam Friedlander – shows how people throughout history and around the world replicate a farting noise to avoid being embarrassed.[17]

Bus #1 – Hilary Graham – follows a woman stuck on a bus who needs to go to the bathroom.[18]

Spaced Out – Andrew Hunt – features a police officer who pulls over a spacecraft, piloted by two drunk aliens.[19]

A Golf Story – Trever James – features an overconfident golfer who makes a mistake on the final hole of the World Mini Golf Championship.[20]

Love In The Year 2007 – Shalini Kantayya – follows a woman trying to find love through speed dating and other methods, only to be disappointed with the selection of men.[21]

Soft – Mateen Kemet – follows a man who is trying to prove that he is cool. He is pressured by his friends into robbing an old woman.[22]

Wack Alley Cab – Kenny Luby – follows a cab company whose customers don’t last longer than a minute in their cabs.[23]

The Big Bad Heist – Marty Martin – is a trailer for an action film.[24]

File Size – David May – follows an office worker who has trouble with documents that are too large.[25]

Check Out – Shira-Lee Shalit – features a woman in an airport security line partially undressing in a sexual way, while flirting with an attractive man, who she later discovers she was imagining.[26]

Dance Man – Adam Stein – follows the life of a man who communicates only through interpretive dance.

Please Hold – Phil Hawkins – shows a woman being robbed. She calls 911, but the call is put on hold.

Blind Date – Claudia La Bianca – features a woman who is on a particularly unsuccessful blind date.

Deliver Me – Carolina Zorilla De San Martin: follows an expecting mother in the delivery room who cannot stop answering her cell phone.

Broken Pipe Dreams – Sam Friedlander – shows how one man must overcome his fear of a toilet to recover an engagement ring.

Teri – Trever James – shows the anxiety of not knowing what to expect with online dating.

The First Time I Met The Finkelsteins – Hilary Graham – shows a “Meet the Parents” story where a son introduces his girlfriend to his outspoken parents.

Dough: The Musical – Adam Stein – is a musical number of a man seeking a wife and a woman seeking employment.

Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey – Shalini Kantayya – is a three-minute documentary on a homosexual comedian’s journey to being himself.

Polished – Andrew Hunt – follows a janitor who gets revenge on the employees where he works.

Love at First Shot – David May – follows an awkward date and a bumbling cupid attempting to set it right.

Beeline – Shira-Lee Shalit – follows a single mother who is asked a frank question by her son.

Dance with the Devil – Marty Martin – is an action thriller about a man trying to escape the past with his girlfriend.

Edge on the End – Kenny Luby – follows a man dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Glass Eye – Will Bigham – follows a man trying to retrieve his glass eye.

Blood Born – Jason Epperson – follows a man who discovers that while he’s been donating blood for years, his rare blood type has actually been curing the recipients of terminal diseases. The man’s troubled past may keep him from sharing his miracle gift.

Sunshine Girl – Zach Lipovsky – follows a little girl who takes the sun out of the sky. As a result, the world goes into a state of panic and emergency. The girl discovers that she might have to put the sun back in the sky to solve the crisis.

Lost – Mateen Kemet – follows a man enjoying the recent success of his career. However, his consumption with work has taken a toll on his relationship with his girlfriend. Several months later, after taking a break from the relationship, the man is surprised by his girlfriend with some shocking news.

The Orchard – Jessica Brillhart – follows a man who starts to see troubling visions and feel pangs of distress, in the process of cutting a tree.

Dr. In-Law – Shalini Kantayya – shows a man getting revenge on his father-in-law.

Discovering The Wheels – Adam Stein – follows several cavemen who make an interesting discovery.

Nerve Endings – Will Bigham – follows an intern who experiments on a brain surgery patient.

Under The Gun – Hilary Graham – depicts a unique bank robbery.

How To Have A Girl – David May – shows a couple trying to ensure the gender of their unborn child.

Die Hardly Working – Zach Lipovsky – shows several office workers using their imaginations to deal with the tedium of work.

The Malibu Myth – Kenny Luby – follows a couple taking a road trip to an area in Malibu where people are mysteriously disappearing.

Anklebiters – Sam Friedlander – shows a young boy discovering a strange new creature.

Midnight Snack – Andrew Hunt – follows a woman who wakes up in the night to make a snack and finds uninvited guests in her house.

Eternal Waters – Jason Epperson – follows a mother, her son, and an intruder in her house.

Open House – Shira-Lee Shalit – follows a man and woman expecting their first child who take a tour of an old house.

Profile – Mateen Kemet – shows a man getting pulled over by the police.

Time Upon A Once – Zach Lipovsky – follows a couple who finds something strange about the new neighbors.

The Legend of Donkey-Tail Willie – Hilary Graham – is the story of a man who feels alone in the world.

Spaghetti – Will Bigham – follows a couple who get lost and drive right into the old west.

First Sight – Shalini Kantayya – follows a shallow girl who sees the world differently through a special pair of glasses.

Worldly Possession – Adam Stein – shows a couple who accidentally receive a powerful military tool.

Key Witness – Sam Friedlander – follows a criminal pursued by both good guys and bad guys.

Sweet – Jason Epperson – shows a man’s hurried journey to get an anniversary gift.

Zero2Sixty – Andrew Hunt – depicts an unusual test drive.

The Losers – Kenny Luby – follows a father who takes his son’s place in a skateboard race.

Catch – Mateen Kemet – follows a businessman who pursues a thief.

The Bonus Feature – Zach Lipovsky – shows an adventure with an in-car DVD player.

Girl Trouble – Adam Stein – depicts a man introducing his roommate to his new girlfriend.

Unplugged – Will Bigham – follows the romantic adventure of two desk lamps.

Keep Off Grass – Andrew Hunt – follows a superhero couple fighting in a garden.

American Hoe – Sam Friedlander – shows a couple’s fight over their wedding invitations.

Old Home Boyz – Jason Epperson – depicts a man’s 50th class reunion.

Driving Under The Influence – Adam Stein – depicts a car radio that makes people dance.

Backseat Driving Test – Sam Friedlander – follows a guy who’s sick and tired of his mother being a “backseat driver.”

Bonus Feature Two – Zach Lipovsky – is a sequel to the movie Zach made the week before, “The Bonus Feature.”

The Move – Jason Epperson – involves a difficult and emotional relocation. Starring guest-star Jerry O’Connell.

Road Rage 101 – Will Bigham – features a car that gets back at its angry driver.

The Yes Men – Will Bigham – is about a boss whose suit is misplaced by a dry cleaner.

Dress for Success – Sam Friedlander – is about an abusive boss and some women employees who get revenge.

Army Guy – Adam Stein – depicts a soldier who wakes up inside a house, surrounded by odd twins who want to marry him.

Oh, Boy – Jason Epperson – involves a man forced to wear a dress and dance or a bomb will detonate.

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