Links for Oct 13, 2007

Next week Joe, Pernell, Jared and myself are going on a tour around Ontario for the church plant documentary we are working on. Should be a fun trip. You can follow everything here and our itinerary is here also.
Here are a few links that the nerd in me is excited for that you might not care about at all.

Gmail is extending how much space I will get, this is good cause I’m running out.

Firefox is incorporating smooth image scaling now just waiting for IE.

When Flash 9 comes out, it will incorporate H.264 coding, which is a major step for video on the internet

I am really starting to love Smashing Magazine, they are a great help to me in web design
I’m all about being progressive, this might have been too far? (ht)
My mind has been racing lately because I’m trying to get a column with the local newspaper here in the religion section and I’m trying to think of the direction I want to head with it. Also, because we are studying Genesis at theStory and the books I’m reading are rocking my world.
I just ordered four new books. Shock Doctrine, No Logo, End of Poverty and Freakonomics. Looking forward to them all as soon as I’m done this one and this one.
I’m heading to the World Championship of Rock, Paper, Scissors tomorrow and I’m competing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Links for Oct 13, 2007”

  1. No Logo is a classic and was a wake-up call to a lot of people (myself included) when it was first published. However, I think that The Shock Doctrine is actually the better of the two books. Simply stated: it is exceptional, perhaps the best book I have read this year (and I’ve read a decent amount of good books this year). It is also worth reading before The End of Poverty, as it will force you to see Sachs from a very different angle.

    Grace and peace.

  2. Love your wicked involvement in so much. Inspiring Nathan!! :)

    LET US KNOW how the RPS Tourny turned out!

  3. Nathan … for what it is worth, Harper’s October 2007 issue’s lead article is by N.Klein on Disaster Economics. I picked it up this morning, but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. She was here last Sat pm at a book launch/signing.

    Two other books, and Coop started this … Thomas Homer-Dixon’s Ingenuity Gap ( ’01 ) and Upside of Down ( ’06 ) have been pretty influential in my thinking recently. See http://www.homerdixon.com/


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