Rock, Paper,Scissors Top 16

Well it’s been a long night. It’s 4:17am and I’m still on a slight high from our Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) World Championship. 500 competitors, and yours truly made it into the top 16 (that makes me in the top 16 RPS players in the world this year). Never saw that coming at all, but it was one heck of a fun night. Yes it is as funny and ridiculous as it sounds but nevertheless very true. Thanks to Gary and Brandon for telling us about the competition a few weeks ago. I’m dressed up as dynamite in case anyone is wondering.

The last picture is of me competing on the main stage in front of everyone including MTV and a few other TV stations. If I would have went rock instead of paper on my last throw down I would have made it into the top 8. The middle picture is Gary, Brandon and I. And the first picture is me breaking away from the pack in moving from the first round to the top 128. Here is a link to all my pictures, Here is Brandon’s photos, Aaron and Gary will get theirs up soon. So yes, I think I’ll be attending next year. I got to meet the Norway champion and the Australian Champion, both who I beat in the street challenge and the New Zealand champion who beat me in the street challenge. People were dressed up in crazy costumes and it was just such a wild, random night, you couldn’t beat it. Now we’re thinking of running one in Sarnia in March 2008. So keep it at the back of your mind.

RPC 2007

RPC 2007

RPC 2007

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  1. haha! I was the new zealand champ you mentioned, good to see I beat you in the street challenge :p Congrats making it to the top 16, I made it through to the top 8 and was stoked with that, considering the reason I entered the local one back in New Zealand was to have a chance of winning a $50 bar tab that night.

    I was searching for photos so i’ll have a look through yours


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