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Links for December 19, 2007

December 19, 20071

My friend was listening to CBC Radio and they were talking about Christmas. The one guy said that it’s easier to spend money than time, which is why he thinks we’ve seen such a rise in shopping over the Christmas season. Our culture has tied up all our time with whatever we do, so instead of spending time with each other, or our children, we just buy them more stuff and think its a good substitute. Just an interesting thought. By the way, you know you can listen to CBC Radio online? I think us Canadians don’t know what we have with this one, probably some of the greatest radio programming online. I love a radio station that can tackle good subjects.
Four great videos. One is a satirical story about Supply Side Jesus and the other is about a guy trying to get everything free at a grocery store (20% extra chocolate, and he goes and eats the 20% extra). (ht). This one is a funny video on getting rich through web 2.0. This one is an amazing video that is an old interview with a senator, I can’t even tell if its real or not. (ht)
This is my favourite Google invention this week. Find info on your flights and maybe even luggage, how amazing is that? My second favourite invention is translators built into Google Talk, imagine talking to someone in another country speaking another language and being able to talk to them normally. This is a technology that is going to change the face of chat yet once again.
Some cool photography exhibitions.
Stupid and funny business mistakes.
More funny comics.

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  • James

    December 20, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    yeah for the ceeb! easily the best radio around….

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