Links for Febuary 8, 2008

N.T. Wright in Time magazine talking about his new book and hinting that Christians may be wrong about the way they look at heaven. You don’t say.
If you are depressed, don’t go shopping. Studies show that sad people are more prone to spending. This was a short but great article.
I’m almost done watching all three seasons of Arrested Development, and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed overall with the show. It got better and better as the episodes grew and evolved in its intracacy and humour. I’m also following Lost Season 4, which I can’t help but say is one of the best shows television has ever seen. Rumour has it also that Arreseted Development might be doing a movie in the future. Never really watched TV much until lately, but I’ve just taken on a new fascination with film, writing and production.
We are trying to buy our building that we are in for theStory, if you ever wanted to follow the details of how a small little church plant like us ends up with a building, the costs involved and the future, follow us on the site.
10 Google Search Tips
Microsoft and Yahoo to team up and merge to take out Google?

3 thoughts on “Links for Febuary 8, 2008”

  1. Lost is OK but I wouldn’t compare it with The Wire or The Riches unless you’ve seen them. Cable costs too much for me to watch, but I buy them online when I can.

    I’ve got the Wright article in my reading pile. I’ve not worried too much about the structure of my life after death, but I’ve always been uneasy with what people generally say at funerals. I look forward to gaining a new understanding.

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