Links for March 07, 2008

This is one of the coolest sites I’ve seen in a long time. User based t-shirt designs. If you have a minute check out my friends t-shirt design here and give him a high ranking. He’s a good friend of mine that is going to school for graphic design, and I thought it was a pretty cool design. You do have to register. But I’d greatly appreciate it.
My favourite new colour scheme maker.
TV on the internet is the new future. Here are two sets of webisodes that I think are hilarious.
Clarke and Michael and Jake and Amir. Anyone seen this movie yet?
A cool image bookmarking system that helps you find more images that you are interested in. You can find the most random stuff on here. (ht)
Dan has some thoughts on N.T. Wrights views on hell.
I really like Phil’s new art.

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  1. hi nathan. i’ve watched a bit of zeitgeist, mostly only part 1. as well i’ve had multiple conversations with people. i find many problems with it, primarily how they use the bible to undermine the bible. does that even work?

    i think that people have always gone to great lengths to undermine peoples trust in scripture. i’m curious as to why though?!

    the rest of the film i thought was pretty much anti-americanism.

    what are your thoughts?!

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