Revival, God and Todd Bentley Have Left Sarnia and Moved On

Looks like God left Sarnia and went somewhere else to outpour his Spirit. I guess I don’t mean God, I mean Todd Bentley. Instead of it being called the Sarnia Revival, it is called the Florida Outpouring. Just replace Sarnia with Florida in this post here and you’ll get a good understanding of where I’m coming from. I thought this was a great article on the subject, interviews with those inside and out of the event. Here are some other news clippings. Brings up some obvious problems with revivals like this especially about money, which I will get to.

Update: As opposed to offering news clippings, which I had up here before, I will direct you to some blog posts of people commenting on the matter, you can find the news clippings by googling.

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I am fascinated about how fast and good the designs/websites are that can go up for stuff like this. I wish I would have been on the ball and bought floridaoutpouring.com before they did. That would have been fun. Check out some of the links on here and how fast they get e-mail lists, blogs and tv schedules online.

I think one of the first things “revivals” like this should do is post their budget for all to see. This is how much money came in and this is how we are distributing it to those in need. Jesus talks about money more than any topic in his life because it is crucial to have a firm grasp on it (and not it on you) to live a Kingdom centered life. To hear stories about buckets full of money floating around and no one really knowing where its going breaks my heart. I would be a lot less skeptical about these things if money was an open topic and we knew where the funds were going and were assured it wasn’t just going into the organizers pockets and that they were actually being used like they should. The economic toll that events like these play on convinced souls is massive and it is just another way where the rich get richer and the poor, or middle class who are looking for “blessing” get poorer.

I wonder when the masses will learn that when you put a great entertainer in front of a large crowd who are all expecting something great, that something is going to happen. Wether it is great or not, everyone will think its great and then you’ll start a website, logo, brand and make lots of money all in the name of Jesus. You know the same Jesus who asks us to sell our posessions, take care of the poor, love our neighbour and pray in our closets.

UPDATE: I turned off and deleted most of the comments of this post, they were just becoming spammy and annoying.

10 thoughts on “Revival, God and Todd Bentley Have Left Sarnia and Moved On”

  1. I was wondering when you would post about this. I read some interesting stuff via Robby Mac’s blog (www.robbymac.org/2008/05/bam-thunk.html). Interesing insights, thanks for the post.

  2. “. You know the same Jesus who asks us to sell our posessions, take care of the poor, love our neighbour and pray in our closets.”

    That would be the same Jesus who Saves, Heals and Delivers….right???

    Is that same Jesus doing those things in YOUR church through YOU and others, with or without Bentley?

    Or do you just talk about what He used to do?

  3. I forgot that on doing a search for “Todd Bentley” on Google this morning and just now,I found many good blogs,showing that there are still some “discerning” believers out there!

    The photos I refer to are here:


    again,click “newsletters” then “Todd Bentley”

    I am not familiar with her,just came across her while searching.

  4. Hi,
    I’m wondering why the assumption seems to be on the lead post above that the money being given at Lakeland is going into the organizer’s pockets. Unless you know, which you don’t, why do you number one, speculate, and number two, assume, it’s going into people’s pockets? As much as you would like to throw in a comment or opinion on this whole thing, why not do the better thing for yourself and others and refrain from judgment and a particular leaning which have no basis in verified fact? Everyone of us knows well how to speculate and how to prejudge. It’s simply wrong and uncalled for.Every time. The desire seems more to be to be heard personally than to know the truth. Ask God, I’m sure he will tell you, unless he already has.

  5. Religious Christians always try to put God in a box, But you can’t. Read any of the great revivals, and you will see plenty of unusual behaviour(how about spitting in someones eyes). A certain well known person called Jesus did, Smith Wigglesworth techniques were also unusual, AA allen, Kathryn Kullman, the list goes on and on, Spot anything. God is didviding the chaff , the pharisees are persecuting Todd Bentley, but I praise God, the that the blind see, the lame walk, the dead are raised, and Jesus is being glorified.Sound familiar?.

  6. It is amazing to me that everytime a Christian stands for the truth which the Bible holds they are labelled a Pharisee.

    The fruit of this so called “revival” is that Todd Bentley is making a mockery out of Christianity itself.

    He is not a pastor, is not teaching Biblical teachings, is a self proclaimed healer, tells outrages stories which cannot be verified and has told outright lies and then does his spin to cover them up.

    I do not know about the money situation but there are enough true facts for the discerning believer to fall back on that we don’t need to assume anything.

    I thank God for websites and blogs such as this one where people can get the truth.

    BTW I was at the Toronto outpouring during it’s inception and know many of the leaders of this revival movement. I have been there and God brought me into the truth

    Jim Wright
    The Word Is True Ministries

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