Random Story Involving Invisible Children and Sarnia Downtown

For some reason, Sarnia Downtown is where I’ve been meeting people of complete randomness. A while back I met one of the editors of Geez Magazine right across the street at Coffee Culture. Turns out his wife is from here. Today I met two reps from Invisible Children, they were traveling through to show their new documentary Go. They met us at Cuppers Cove where we were having some all you can eat mussels for $10 (tonight was the last night), so they just joined us because I left a note on their van telling them to come over. Kevin and Sarah were their names. It was cool to meet them and hear their hearts and why they are doing what they do. Hopefully its the start of a good relationship, because we certainly believe in what they are doing and how they are doing it. They are doing some great stuff in Uganda and have some brilliant ideas to raise funds, awareness and hopefully stir some more people up to think about the kingdom globally.

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