One Size Fits All?

Finally, the documentary has been shot, edited and completed. It is called One Size Fits All. It is now in the hands of the printers to be shipped here for December 3. For the last year and a bit Joe has laboured over this documentary traveling across Canada interviewing people at churches that are doing work on the fringes of culture and ministry. There is some great churches and people on this film that have in many ways influenced how we express ourselves here in Sarnia.

I’m proud of Joe for putting this together. It’s quite a large project to tackle for it being your first film. Get yourself a copy of the film pre-ordered here. Every DVD you buy helps cover the expenses of making a film like this. The package also includes a bonus CD with the original soundtrack of the film. All the songs were written and produced by Driving on City Sidewalks, our favourite band to use for all our films, cause their local and amazing and they write us original stuff.

Here is a list of the interviews that made it on to the final cut.

Rob Abbott, theGig – Kitchener, ON
David Brazzeal, Curieux – Montreal, QC
Nick Brotherwood, Emerge – Montreal, QC
Gary Castle, neXt Church – Kingston, ON
Kristen Cato, The Open House – Vancouver, BC
Kate Dewhurst, The Agora – Halifax, NS
Al Doseger, Rustle – Kingston, ON
Cyril Guerette, Freedomize – Toronto, ON
Pernell Goodyear, FRWY – Hamilton, ON
Jamie Howison, St. Benedict’s Table – Winnipeg, MB
David Manafo, The Gathering Café, Montreal, QC
Kyle Martin, The Open House – Vancouver, BC
Paul Moores, Living Room Church – Vancouver, BC
Joseph Moreau, Ecclesiax – Ottawa, ON
Greg Paul, Sanctuary – Toronto, ON
Helen Ramfield, St. Benedict’s Table – Winnipeg, MB
Kim Reid, The Open Door – Montreal, QC
Domenic Ruso, The Embassy – Waterloo, ON
David Sawler, Lighthouse – Glace Bay, NS
Brad Sommers, Pax North – Halifax, NS
Scott Williams, Club 365 – Mission, BC

Anyway, buy the DVD.

What is God doing on the fringes of Canadian culture? Flying under the radar of pop-Christianity, experimental churches are quietly establishing genuine Kingdom outposts in settings both feared and forgotten. ‘One Size Fits All?’ uncovers the obscure story of these Canadian missional communities and its leaders.

For more information, visits www.onesizefitsal.ca
Here is the trailer below.

One Size Fits All Poster

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  1. Congrats to all your team on the imminent release of your documentary! I have pre-ordered my copy (thanks for the convenient link, and the effortless ordering process). Looking forward to watching it, with friends.

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