Doing Things That We Shouldn’t

Love this post by Dan. Dan has always been able to articulate my heart in ways that I can’t. So while I write a legalistic post about all the things that annoy me and we should get rid of that ends up getting interpreted as me being legalistic, idealistic and judgmental; Dan goes and writes this one.

I wonder if history will judge my generation (myself included) in the same way. A generation also surrounded by great evils and great possibilities, but a generation too apathetic, too self-indulgent, and too easily distracted to confront the evils and actualise the potentialities. Thus, although we know that the vast majority of our clothing, our children’s toys, and our electronics (to pick just a few things), are produced by children working in slavelike conditions, we do nothing to address this issue and instead, simply by continuing to consume these products, allow those who produce these conditions and systems to grow wealthy. Further, although we know that automobiles are not required for urban living, and although we know that purchasing an automobile will drive us into debt and severely limit our ability to serve our communities, or put our resources towards the needs of our communities, and although we know that driving oil-based automobiles is an unsustainable activity due to the environmental destruction is causes, we continue to purchase and drive automobiles. Finally, although we know that a little money goes a long way with people who are homeless and although we know that greater services and social assistance is needed for people who have experienced traumas or who possess debilitating disabilities, we continue to support governments that slash taxes and cut social services, just as we continue to ignore the poor whom we encounter in the street.

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