Thanks for Your Prayers

Here is an e-mail we got at Epiphaneia this week. I enjoyed it.


Because your goals are against the Word of God and your aim is to bring about destruction of believers with misinformation, I will be praying that your stand against the truth of scriptures will come to nothing.

Accepted in the Beloved
(name removed)


  • ???

    Seriously?? I’d laugh if it weren’t so very sad.

  • wow… isn’t it great to have people praying for you?

  • Hey, that’s what I was planning on saying in my workshop!

  • I can’t tell if Dan is being sarcastic or not. Shoot.

  • Only one way to find out — come to my workshop!

    Also, Lewis, are you living in the Toronto area right now? If you are, we’re going to drink beer together, right?

  • I guess we could take comfort in the fact that if we aren’t getting people upset, we’re not really doing much at all.

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