One Size Fits All on 100 Huntley Street

I went with Joe this week to Crossroads where they filmed Joe being interviews on 100 Huntley Street. It was an interesting experience to meet the people behind the camera and watch how this kind of television is done. I won’t leave any comments at this point, I’m sure that will come one day, but here is the interview for those of you that are interested.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2 thoughts on “One Size Fits All on 100 Huntley Street”

  1. I just watched your video and found that not only are we on the same page with you, we are on the same line of the same page with you. Love your communication of the thought that has taken our large-size bible-belt church to a large-impact church in the bible belt in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. My husband and I pioneered a traditional church in 1988 and grew to be 900 people by 2004. But, like you, as an ordained minister, we did what we knew to do, what we saw done, what we were taught to do . . . and it seemed to work . . . but there was so much that wasn’t working, at least for us. We had done great things as a church, but there was more for us to do. So we bought a 6-acre recreation center, allowed the old work to die and resurrected at EPIC FAITH. We obeyed God (at a high cost) and allowed the stirring in our hearts to begin a transformation from doing church and to being The Church. And we have never regretted it. Many left, thinking wed lost our minds, and to honest, there were times we werent sure, but Gods work continues and I am amazed at the lives that He brings to us. Watch the video to see (me) and our unique community of faith we are living what we call the rhythm of society or what you called IN CONTEXT (I love that). My husband, the pastor, is now bi-vocational and teaches “top – out” leadership not “top – down” leadership. He is a amazing man that has changed the way we live our faith. You are too. Keep it up.

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