2 Days Until The Conference

Darryl, Chris, Steve and I are all working, drinking, eating extremely well (made my three meat spaghetti and some great tuna melts) and preparing for Saturday. We find we are much more prepared this year for everything that is happening which means we are actually going to be able to watch the Office tonight.

Right now Darryl and Steve are talking about their marriages, I’m putting together the surveys and Lewis is out giving rides to people. Typical night back in Toronto. Random conversations that spark out of nothing, loud yelling and good friends.

Ticket sales have been going great, everything is in order, speakers I think will all be showing up (which is always a good thing) and were having fun. So all the elements are in order thus far. I got to see the guides today, and I was super happy with the turn out. Thanks to Page Design for all our printing.

Out of curiosity, a little bit of a left out feeling and pure nerdiness I started a twitter account and since I’ll be moving around quite a bit over the next few days with lots of thoughts flying threw my brain, this weekend is my official test of Twitter to see if it has a place in my life. You can follow that here if you are so inclined.

1 thought on “2 Days Until The Conference”

  1. hope everything goes according to plan, as they say. i am quite upset that i can’t make it, but i guess we can’t all be everywhere at once.

    praying that God moves everyone who comes into deeper discipleship

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