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I’ve really really been enjoying Geez Magazine lately. So much so that I put one of the articles from their past issue into our conference guide this year. And this issue I just got in the mail has been overly refreshing and exciting to read. It’s all writing of different people who have experimented with different ways to live intentionally in truth. Some of it is about parenting, clothes, technology, living, jobs…all sorts. It is encouraging to read about these people who are doing things that you would normally feel like you were alone if you did these things. But here are these stories, one after another of brave and bold seekers of truth trying to actually do something about it.

I loved Aiden’s article on choosing a career and the factors that went into making that choice called Downward Mobility (this one is online)

The one article that really stuck out to me was the first article about parenting across the social divide. The first paragraph grabbed me (and I don’t even have kids) but I’ve experienced the same conversations as her. She said that we can do whatever we want and people might think we are a little weird and let us do what we want, but when we bring our kids into the mix all of sudden people start getting angry and upset at your poor decisions. It was a beautiful article that brought me a lot of hope, that it is ok to truly face into the powers alongside of your children and help them live a life of truth to instead of thinking you have to settle with a safe life. That article isn’t online, so go subscribe if you want to read it, or borrow the issue from me.

My friend Natalie Boustead also had an experiment in the issue where she put little question boxes around laundromats around Toronto and asked people spiritual questions to try and see how people would respond. The responses were enlightening and she succeeded in pulling some people away from the tv’s in the location for a brief moment to think about deep matters. Go Natalie…great idea!

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