Tabled on Easter Friday

Tabled - Good Friday Gathering 2009

Each Easter Friday, Joe goes all out putting a service together than usually incorporates heavy imagery, liturgy and creative response. Today was no different. Today we followed a liturgy built by him, sang a few song, and then participated in the Eucharist together as a community. Below is the Powerpoint, which is basically the liturgy condensed down, if you want the full liturgy, you can download it as a word document below. The bread was nailed into the table, and when everyone came and ripped the bread through the nails, they carved their name on the table, a table in which we had carved ahead of time…We Were There.

Download Tabled, Easter Friday Powerpoint | PPT

Download Tabled, Easter Friday Liturgy | DOC






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  • love what you guys do and am always encouraged by the creativity in your worship.

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