The Good News Series

Update: Here is my post on the Good News as part of the series I describe blow.

I went to Los Angeles in October last year and I asked David Fitch if while I was there if there was anyone he recommended meeting, he pointed out JR Woodward so I gave him a ring and we headed out to a local Thai restaurant. I’m glad I did because not only did I discover his blog I was able to check out his community and get a glimpse into his life which has encouraged me.

JR is doing a series on his website on the Good News over the Easter season (between Easter and Pentecost). He has asked over 50 people to interact with the idea of the Good News. The description is.

In this blog series each of the contributors will be summarizing their understanding of the Good News in 300 to 500 words. Each author is writing their entry as if they were invited by their city newspaper to write an article on the Good News, thus you will find the name of the author’s city newspaper in each entry. This series will challenge us to grow in our ability to share the good news with a variety of people from different perspectives.

The entries have been wonderful thus far. Joey Tomassoni’s piece is one of the more recent ones that I enjoyed that is a beautiful portrayal of Jesus’ moment with the women who washes his feet with expensive perfume. I have been invited to put in my ideas for it also which will be appearing sometime next week, so check it out and feel free to comment.

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