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I’ve stopped doing links on my site and moved over to Google Reader, Delicious and Twitter as a better way to share things I’m doing, reading and watching online. It’s much less time-consuming and less in your face if you aren’t interested. I’ve shared these videos via Google Reader, but I just think they are all great interviews that need to be more watched. So watch them.

Peter Rollins is obviously a gifted storyteller with great analogies and examples to help grasp what the church is called to do. This is an amazing interview.

Explaining Emergent Churches – Inner Compass from Calvin College on Vimeo.

A helpful interview to understand the difference between me and my parents, and me and most people I interact with in Sarnia all day long.
A movie that I hope to watch soon

And a movie I watched at the Justice Film Festival here in Sarnia last weekend. It was called We Feed the World, it’s mostly done in subtitles, so you don’t know what they are saying in the trailer but it is brilliant.

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  1. Interestingly, Grown Up Digital and Consuming Kids almost seem to be at odds with each other.

    Consuming Kids wants to make the case that things are different, but doesn’t really do it when it shows ads flat out telling kids in the 50’s that they “must” have this new toy etc.

    Somehow it then preaches fear regarding obesity, which is a real danger, but is that because of Commercialization or more from abdication of parents from their roles.

    As a parent familar with some of the clips used to highlight the values the video believes are being pushed, I find it interesting that in almost every case where they proclaim a shallow message is being pushed that the characters doing so are negative characters that regularly either learn a better way or get punished in some way for holding onto shallow values.

    Grown Up Digital interview was a much more interesting look at the current generation with both the positives and the negatives of it all.

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