Christian Blogging for Google Rank

I’ve been noticing a trend with blogging lately that has lead me to either really enjoy a blog or come close to unsubscribing to their blog all together.  I realize I am guilty of many of the things that makes someone want to unsubscribe, but I thought I would throw them out there anyway.

There are a few things that drive me to pay less attention to a blog than more.

  1. When bloggers talk/write about who is talking/writing about them. How many times do I need to be reminded of how many awards you won, or some important person that now knows your name or how famous your blog is.  Regular readers like myself are reading your content because we like it, we don’t need a show or to be reminded weekly of why we are reading it.
  2. When bloggers write about something that is current just to say it. It’s no secret that the more relevant the topics you are talking about the better you will do on Google.  It seems to me like many bloggers just write about these things to boost their Google love, not because they actually care about the topic.  I realize that this is all part of blogging, but it just seems redundant to just state something interesting without actually adding anything useful to the conversation.
  3. Fake humility. It’s annoying in real life and online.  If you are online and bloating about how horrible you are and how you are learning from so many people and then in the next breath offer all sorts of advice and articles about the same topic, well your lying and it’s annoying.  A humble confidence found in Christ should be our aim not trying to prove our humility to others by putting yourself down.
  4. The constant bombardment to help them financially for luxury. I’m tired of being asked to send some bloggers money for their new Macbook, pay for their hosting fees or fly them across the world.  If you’re blog is making you money it should be because of the quality of the content you are producing not because you can convince people to give you money.  Don’t try to appease your guilt of buying your luxurious goods by raising the money instead of taking it out of your own pocket.

My favourite blogs are usually written by people who know little to nothing about blogging.  They write about things they are passionate about and don’t write anything when they’ve got nothing to say.  Their blogs are more often than not on topic and don’t stray to ramble on about their latest woes with some pop culture gadget or celebrity.  They don’t allow their Google results to influence what they write about.

My suggestion is to screw your Google Rank for some class.  Maybe only check your analytics once a month instead of every day.  The blogs on my bloggroll for the most part are all blogs that write about what they care about and leave it at that. They aren’t all the most popular blogs out there, but they are adding useful questions and answers to their respective conversations.  So my suggestion to all you bloggers out there, write about what you love.  Don’t just write because you have to write today or because if you write that post about today’s story it will guarentee you hits.  Write because its in your head and you just have to get it out.  This way your readers will actually be readers who enjoy your content and aren’t just following your blog to stay current with the times or because they are landing there for some random search.

1 thought on “Christian Blogging for Google Rank”

  1. I can see the temptation of #1, having gotten into blogging when it was hot. My old blog skyrocketed to the heights of popularity. Now, it gets a small, but respectable following. I went through a phase where all I wanted was to get my rank high again and it made me miserable.

    Resisting #2 has been a discipline. Not only avoiding what it current, but what is simply controversial. Rants & polemics have their place, but most often they are cheap ways to get a crowd. Again, some do it artfully. Not me.

    Thankfully #3 is no problem for me, as I easily achieve humility that borders of godlike. Seriously though, this one is such a trap. I think I have done it several times, not out of false humility, but out of a genuine concern that the neutral medium of blogging can give one a tone of superiority. At any rate, I good reminder.

    I’d comment on #4, but my laptop is aging and I can’t share my wisdom… unless some of you out there wan- kidding!


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