Couch on Road at Night

I know, brilliant title.  A few weeks ago, Troy and I decided that putting that couch in the middle of the road could make for some fun pictures one night.  We were right.  That’s what we did tonight at 1am.

Nathan Colquhoun on Couch

Troy Shantz on Couch

Nathan Reading on Couch2

Nathan Reading on Couch

5 thoughts on “Couch on Road at Night”

  1. Hey Nathan,
    Love these shots, they remind me of a film I watched in my German film class by Wim Wenders called “Don’t Come Knocking”, amazing piece of cinematography with barely their plot line. I looked for a clip for you but couldn’t find one, its of the main character sitting on a couch at nite and the camera circles around him with the light of the street light glaring into the view of the camera,very very cool!!! Your pictures reminded me of that scene, this was all I could find but maybe you have more mad searching skills than I do. http://ferdyonfilms.com/Don%27t%201.JPG

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