Dreaming Unrealistic and Idealistic Dreams

For some time now I have found that in many discussions have ended over and over again with being accused of being too idealistic or unrealistic. I find this hard to swallow. Are we not called to live idealistic lives? Have we not been given some sort of goal or aim as to what humanity is actually supposed to look like?

I feel like the accusation of being too idealistic or realistic is a cop-out. It’s giving up. It’s just too depressing for me. I don’t want to live in a world that is realistic or refuses to be ideal. Who wants to wake up every morning and think that this is it, and that it is not getting better?  Who wants to live a life where they don’t think they have any part in making the world better? Of course it’s hard. Of course its unrealistic if you refuse to be part of the solution. Most revolutions and inventions probably never would have happened if their leaders would have listened to their critics that tell them that it’s unrealistic. Blacks, women and Jews would all be enslaved still if it weren’t for people facing into what seemed unrealistic and ideal.

It is unrealistic and too idealistic for us to end poverty, prevent AIDS from killing anymore, to all live in community houses, to remove the idea of private ownership completely, to re-divide the world by geography rather than politics, to live in a world that doesn’t gain it’s value from money, to stop the genocide in Darfur, to rally for peace in the middle east, to invite homeless people into our homes, to give away all of our possessions and give to the poor, to exist without a TV, to exist without the internet, to refuse to buy from any organization that oppresses, to adopt all the crowns of state and reduce all of our emissions. We just can’t do those things. This isn’t choosing a movie to go see or about buying bread from a local bakery or Wal Mart. This is about reshaping our entire lives to aim them towards the idealistic and unrealistic realities that are the Kingdom of God. I need to see, talk about, dream about realities that are not yet. I realize it comes across hypocritical at times, but it is the only way I know how to actively participate in where I think the world is going and where I think God is bringing it. So if you think that is just too idealistic and unrealistic then by all means, you are more than welcome to continue on your merry way, as long as you are content. I for one though, can’t do it. I need to dream big, and I need to have conversations about things that are out of my reach and out of the reach of the world.  It gives me hope.  I need to seek the impossible so that all things that are possible will actually happen.

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