Haiti Day 7 – Brazil Just Gave Us A Truckload of Food

us: we have to be to the airport for 10pm (it is currently 9:30 and takes 30 minutes to get there)
pastor: (he calls over a third party) Bob, did we get these guys to the airport on time yesterday?
bob: yes
pastor: then why are they asking?  we will get them on time today.

We missed our meeting, because he thought it was an hour earlier.

pastor: i’m feel bad about this morning, sorry for not getting you to your meeting
us: it’s ok, it happens, we should have been more clear
pastor: not more clear, more pushy

So today we missed going to the airport to the meetings that we were expecting to go to.  We wanted to get into the Water/Sanitation meeting and the Food Aid meeting.  So instead we stayed back and started calling and e-mailing people.  We got on the Shelter Box agenda for tonight, so we will know tomorrow if we will get the 30-50 boxes that we asked for.  We found out a bunch of information for humanitarian aid workers getting free flights around the island.  We finally got the internet working and stable.  Teams can call home, we can call contacts and internet is working fast enough.

Rachel is now confirmed to come, she will be leaving Sat or Sun.  We’ll be using our information to get her and the team with her free flights from Dominican into Port Au Prince.  I got to call home tonight and talk to Rachel, Joe and Ron and just catch up.  It was good to hear their voices.  The Canadian military is giving free flights home for humanitarian workers that are Canadian, so I will be coming home on the 11th via military plane into Montreal.  That is the current plan anyway, and then Rachel will stay an extra week and come home with Chris.

Then, after all that.  A man who came with the medical team is Brazilian, so he walked into their embassy, brought a letter from here, somehow got into a conversation with their head general or something like that.  Then he ends up bringing home a truckload (and I mean a big huge truck) of food and medicine from their military.  It was truly the coolest thing ever.  Apparently he has military connections and Brazil were having a hard time finding organizations to unload food too.  Not anymore.  Awesome.

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1 thought on “Haiti Day 7 – Brazil Just Gave Us A Truckload of Food”

  1. Hey Nathan.

    Grandpa and I are so proud of you and Rachel. You and Chris managed to get that whole truckload of badly needed supplies from the Brazilian gov’t….WOW! That was something and you must have felt so blessed. I am holding you in my prayers.

    Love Grandma

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