The Values Experiment: Sarnia First Friday Event

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The Values Experiment: Everyone Has A Price

theStory is starting to get involved in the First Friday cultural walkabouts.  It’s basically a night once a month that all the downtown storefronts stay open late and have art exhibits, concerts and other fun things to do.  For March we built something that we call a Values Experiment.  You can read the write-up on theStory website here and see the results here.  The basic idea is we hung questions out for people to answer that would cause them to think about money a little bit differently.  Typically our culture reduces almost everything down to money.  So what happens when we take it one step further and start putting dollar values on our values, religion and beliefs?  It makes things a bit awkward but it certainly gets you thinking.  There was a number of people who came through the installation and we got pretty good feedback all around.  People would write their answers on a sticky note and put them into the money bags.  The results were excellent and pretty funny, I’ll post them below.  Thanks to Ryan for the photos.





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