One Size Fits All? Available Now Online For Free

Joe’s documentary, One Size Fits All? is online now in it’s entirety. The DVD’s are all sold out and so we thought it would be generous to offer it to everyone. Here it all is with a little note from Joe.

It’s been four years since the idea for this film was conceived; three years since it was filmed; two years since it was released on DVD, and now its online for you to enjoy for free.

Watching it again leaves me with the feeling that its dated. Much has changed since I first hit the road. Some churches have dissolved, some rebooted, some have matured and grown, and others have since begun. I never realized how short the shelf life of this project would be, nonetheless, the film accomplished its purpose: To encourage, to help make connections and to catch a whiff of what God was/is up to on our shift as the local church in Canada.

If I could go back, I’d change some things. Amongst other things, I’d apply newly gained knowledge and expertise and I’d use a better camera and microphone. But I suppose that would defeat the purpose. The film documents how things were – and I’m thankful for every last bit of it.

Hopeful as to what’s next,

Joe Manafo
Fall 2010

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